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Reporting and Distribution Solutions

  • The SPLTOOL Suite Download Add to Shopping Cart - A complete package including SPLTOOL, AFPTOOL and MAILTOOL allowing conversion and emailing of *SCS and *AFPDS spooled files!
  • Spooled File Tools (SPLTOOL) Download Add to Shopping Cart - Convert or email reports in PDF, HTML, RTF, Text and other formats from a single command or from the user-friendly interface with this best selling product!
  • Convert AFP to PDF (AFPTOOL) Download Add to Shopping Cart - Convert AFPDS spooled files into PDF, TIFF or PCL files to view, print, or email.
  • e-Mail Tool (MAILTOOL) Download Add to Shopping Cart - The best and easiest to use email client for the iSeries. Email from the command line or a program. With MAILTOOL Plus, the IBM SMTP server isn't even required!
  • Output Queue Trigger (OUTQTRG) Download Add to Shopping Cart - Easily set up and configure commands or programs that can be run when spooled files become available on your system. Email, messaging, the possibilities are endless!
  • Duplicate Spooled File (SPL2SPL) Download Add to Shopping Cart - Duplicate spooled files to up to 10 output queues. Makes report distribution simple! A perfect compliment to SPLTOOL!

Web Service and Web Programming Solutions

  • GreenTools for Google Apps Download - Integrate Google Apps APIs such as Google Drive, Google Contacts, Cloud Print and Google Calendar into your applications with ease!
  • GreenTools for Microsoft Apps Download - Integrate Microsoft Apps APIs such as OneDrive into your applications with ease!
  • GreenJab Download Add to Shopping Cart - The first XMPP client for the IBM i (iSeries, System i, AS/400). Compatible with Google Talk and Jabber!
  • The eRPG SDK Download Add to Shopping Cart - Create RPG web applications quickly and easily with The eRPG Software Development Kit.
  • Get URI (GETURI) Download Add to Shopping Cart - Communicate with web services using this 100% native iSeries HTTP client! Upload files, verify credit cards, send and retrieve HTML or XML data, SSL functionality and much more!

Other Productivity Solutions

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I wanted to drop you a line thanking you for your help getting SPLTOOL up and running. By using your tool and an article you wrote in March 2000's Midrange Computing, I was able to create an application that monitors an output queue and distributes spoolfiles in PDF & HTML format onto my NT server. With your PDF engine at its core, this program will save us many dollars in paper and printer costs, as well as providing a secure and dependable report archival system. Thanks for your ideas and your programs! - Patrick Shrader
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