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Training and Consulting

BVSTools has been a Leader in RPG Development focusing on Web Enablement with RPG for over 15 years!

We specialize in consulting and application development with CGIDEV2 and eRPG SDK toolkits!

We can also help implement any of our applications to best suit your needs.


Training and Consulting Provided:

  • CGI Programming with RPG (eRPG)
  • The CGIDEV2 Toolkit
  • HTTP Configuration
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Setup and Integration
  • Web Service Setup and Implementation
  • FTP Security Configuration
  • Specialized Programming Solutions
  • General AS400/System i Consulting


eRPG Software Development Kit (eRPG SDK)

The eRPG SDK was created using a foundation of the programming techniques, subprocedures and wrappers discussed in the best selling web development media in the history of the iSeries, the eRPG series of books.

Buliding upon the foundation of the CGI APIs, standard APIs and using a good dose of the Integrated Language Environment (ILE), the fast, easy, and scalable eRPG SDK was created! Click Here for more information.


RPG Web Skills Accelerator

Beginning with web topics such as HTML, JavaScript, Stylesheets and Server Side includes you'll learn the basics that any web programmer on any platform using any toolset will need!

Then take a tour through setup and configuration of the Classic and Powered by Apache HTTP servers. Examples, labs, and comparisons make using either server or switching from one to the other a breeze!

Finally, learn how to use the free APIs to create super fast, scalable and functional web applications using your existing toolset! No need for spending months or years learning a new language and programming methods when the answer has been right here in front of you all the time!

eRPG: Building AS/400 Web Applications with RPG

Start producing dynamic web applications with the tried and true RPG programming language! eRPG: Building AS/400 Web Applications with RPG is an all time best seller and available now!


eRPG(v2): e-Volving RPG Applications for a Connected World

Available NOW, eRPG(v2): e-Volving RPG Applications for a Connected World. A great companion to the already best selling eRPG book! More examples, more techniques including ILE and SQL!

Click Here to view working examples from the book!


eRPG Powertools: Stone on CGIDEV2

Want to supercharge your eRPG learning and at the same time use a free CGI programming toolkit provided by IBM? This CGIDEV2 training manual, avaliable now, will take you there!

Click Here to view working examples from the book!

Other Books and Training

RPG Skills Accelerator

Are you ready to take your RPG skills to the next level? The new RPG Skills Accelerator covers 11 advanced RPG programming techniques, each with one or more labs. This is hands-on stuff! This dynamic 25-hour course comes with an easy-to-follow training manual, and a CD with all the training exercise source code, Plus a bonus of 4 software tools. You'll learn new and valuable RPG skills by writing and testing code. You'll immediately use what you've learned to create better programs and work more effectively with your iSeries server.


More Training from Rochester Initiative

View the many other training courses that are available from Rochester Initiative. Self-paced and fast-moving training available on a variety of iSeries topics written by industry leaders.


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"It is a tribute to your software that in the 2 years (and probably longer), that we have owned it we have not had any issues with the SPL2STMF [SPLTOOL software]." - Paul Therrien
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