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eRPG Software Development Kit (eRPG SDK) (Free 45-Day Trial!)

The eRPG SDK is a brand new offering from! Created by the author of the eRPG series of books as well as countless articles for iSeries trade magazines focusing on web enablement using RPG. The eRPG SDK is a full-featured toolkit created to make your life as a web application programmer a snap!

The eRPG SDK uses simple templates to create dynamic content from within your RPG programs. This means that no longer will you have to hard-code any HTML, XML, or any other markup language inside of your RPG programs. Using simple replacement variables you are able to call functions within the eRPG SDK to quickly and easily create dynamic content on the web!

The eRPG SDK comes with a simple setup program to both install and configure your web environment. A standard Powered by Apache web configuration and HTTP server instance is included and created during the eRPG SDK setup. So when you're done in most cases all you need to do is start the HTTP server and go directly to the test and examples page!

eRPG SDK Features:

  • Never again place HTML in your RPG programs using eRPG SDK's template system!
  • Seperate business and presentation layers.
  • Allow web designers to focus on the look and feel of the web application and programmers to focus on the business programming!
  • Use with any Integrated Language Environment (ILE) programming language on the iSeries!
  • Easy to use functions allow you to replace variables in your web pages with actual data.
  • Easily read in data from web forms without worrying about the request method.
  • Simple cookie creation and retrieving functionality makes working with cookies a breeze!
  • Direct output to Standard Output (your web browser), an IFS stream file, or both all with a "flip of a switch".
  • Great for HTML, XML, e-mail messages, or any application where creating a dynamic IFS stream file is necessary!
  • The ability to immediatly write out entire template files where different sections are not required.
  • Error reporting is done through the HTTP server's job logs, so errors are easy to track down and find.
  • Also included are a set of standard date, string, message, IFS, Library List and HTTP subprocedures.
  • 100% native to the iSeries machine. No PC client software needed!
  • Very small system footprint (currently around 7 megabytes).
  • Excellent performance compared to similar systems!
  • Super easy setup including creation of a web instance and Powered by Apache configuration.
  • Designed, created and supported by the leader in RPG Web Application design for the iSeries!
  • v3.00 and up now includes new "SaaS" type licensing

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eRPG Software Development Kit Price: $0.82 USD per day (Subscription licensing)

Click Here for an eRPG SDK vs CGIDEV2 Performance Chart

Click Here to see sample programs and source included with the eRPG SDK!

New! AJAX Examples included online!

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Version: 3.00

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Trying to keep the web based generation happy is VERY HARD. They don’t like Green Screen. So, I am trying to give them as much WEB as I can and/or make the Green Screen a little friendlier. This is where your tools and training materials are SO helpful. Using your tools and eRPG training materials helped me program our paychecks to automatically generate a PDF for employees to view on the Web. This literally saved us from going to a payroll software. - Beth Claes, Montgomery County Data Processing
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