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Following are instructions on FTPing a save file to your AS/400. The example below uses SPLTOOL as the file we are restoring. Replace the SPLTOOL name with the name of the file you are restoring.

Create an empty save file on your AS/400 named SPLTOOL in libary QGPL


Click the Start button on your Windows task bar. Select the Run option. In the Open: dialog box, type in ftp. This will start your ftp session.

Use the following FTP commands. (The commands you type in are in bold italics. Press Enter after each command.)

(to) your system ip address or DNS name
Connected to xxxxx
220-QTCP at xxxxx.
220 Connection will close if idle more than 5 minutes.
User (xxxxx:(none)): your user name
331 Enter password.
Password: your password
230 user name logged on.
ftp> quote site namefmt 0
250 Now using name format "0".
ftp> bin
200 Representation type is binary.
ftp> put
(local-file) c:\spltool
(remote-file) qgpl/spltool
200 PORT subcommand request successful.
150 Sending file to member SPLTOOL in file SPLTOOL in library QGPL.
250 File transfer completed successfully.
11704 bytes sent in 0.06 seconds (195.07 Kbytes/sec)
ftp> quit

Restore library SPLTOOL from the save file you just FTPed to your AS/400.


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We've now been using this [SPLTOOL] for over 5 years. We've had, in that time, a sum total of 2 events that required us to seek help from you. In 5 years. 2 times. I don't think I 've ever had a software package anywhere near as stable. - Christopher J. Devous, Director of Systems Development, The Antigua Group
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