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GreenTools for Google Apps - (G4G)

GreenTools for Google Apps (G4G) is the first toolset allowing integration with your IBM i (System i, iSeries, AS/400) and available Google Apps APIs!

See the feature of G4G in "Four Hundred Stuff" from IT Jungle!


  • v7.00 and up includes the G4GGMAIL addon which allows you to download emails, attachments and embedded files from any GMail Account.
  • Combine with MAILTOOL to use OAuth 2.0 authentication for sending email from your GMail Account
  • v5.00 includes the Google Drive Addon. Upload files to Google Drive with your IBM i (AS/400, iSeries, System i)!
  • v3.00 and higher uses "setters" instead of input parameters to make things more flexible! See the documentation for each addon for specifics.
  • Use ILE subprocedures or commands for most features.
  • Easily interact with Google Apps APIs from command lines or using ILE subprocedures!
  • Uses OAuth 2.0 instead of older deprecated authorization techniques.
  • As new APIs are made available they will be added to G4G.
  • Each addon is a seperate supported module requiring licensing. Only pay for what you need and use!
  • Requires GETURI v4.09 or higher.
  • View G4G documentation
Current G4G Addons

Google Cloud Print Addon for G4G (G4GGCP) - Print to any printer set up as a Google Cloud Printer (even your Google Drive) from your IBM i!

Google Calendar Addon for G4G (G4GGCAL) - Create and Retrieve entries from any Google Calendar. Use for triggering or scheduling events, programs, reports, reminders, or whataver you wish! Also add and remove calender entries using simple commands!

Google Contacts Addon for G4G (G4GGCON) - Reterieve a list of contacts from your Google account, either all of them or by Group Name.  More features will be added as they are requested!

Google Drive Addon for G4G (G4GGDRV) - Reterieve a list of files from your Google Drive account. Upload files to your Google Drive Account.  More features will be added as they are requested!

GMail Addon for G4G (G4GGMAIL) - List labels and download email messages along with their attachments and embedded files from any GMail Account.  More features will be added as they are requested!

  • Current G4GGMAIL version - 3.20
  • Latest version allows you to limit which parts and attachments of an email that will be downloaded by size.
  • See a video of G4GGMAIL in action by Clicking Here!
  • GMail Addon for G4G Price: $0.82 USD per day (Subscription licensing)
  • Add G4GGMAIL To Shopping Cart

Download G4G

Current Version: 9.00

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I wanted to drop you a line thanking you for your help getting SPLTOOL up and running. By using your tool and an article you wrote in March 2000's Midrange Computing, I was able to create an application that monitors an output queue and distributes spoolfiles in PDF & HTML format onto my NT server. With your PDF engine at its core, this program will save us many dollars in paper and printer costs, as well as providing a secure and dependable report archival system. Thanks for your ideas and your programs! - Patrick Shrader
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