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eMail Tool (MAILTOOL and MAILTOOL Plus!*) - Part of the SPLTOOL Suite !

MAILTOOL is the most powerful and easy to use IBM i (System i, iSeries, AS/400) email client available!


  • Not just a simple wrapper for the QtmmSendMail API like most email clients.
  • Send emails using RPG or any ILE language with easy to use ILE functions.
  • Fully customizable defaults either globally, by user or create your own specific configurations!
  • Easily add custom footers to each email sent via the MAILTOOL command
  • Send emails in text or HTML format
  • MUCH more useful and powerful than the SNDDST command
  • 100% native application!
  • v9.00 and up now includes new "SaaS" type licensing

MAILTOOL Plus* Adds the following Features:

  • Easily replace calls to the IBM QtmmSendMail API (see example in documentation)
  • Choose to save emails for resending, if they error or not.
  • Totally bypass and forget about using the often-times troublesome IBM SMTP server
  • SMTP Authentication including OAuth 2.0 Authentication for GMail and Microsoft Outlook Cloud Accounts (requires G4G or G4MS and GETURI)
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL/TLS) over SMTP
  • Compatible with GMail, Outlook online, Office 365, Microsoft Online Services, Yahoo! and most other cloud email clients that use OAuth 2.0 Authentication!
  • Easy tracking of emails that were not sent with the option to resend
  • Superior debugging making tracking down problems with email much quicker
  • Built in to MAILTOOL, no separate download required. Activate with a simple registration key

There's no reason to fight with other Java-based email client applications or even the very limited Send Distribution (SNDDST) command any longer!


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eMail Tool Price: $0.82 USD per day (Subscription licensing)
MAILTOOL Plus! Add On Price: $0.82 USD per day (Subscription licensing)

Current Version: 10.00b


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*MAILTOOL Plus! requires seperate registration

MAILTOOL Testimonials
"Everything works fine and we love to work with MAILTOOL. A great software which is very helpful for our business.." - Hans Dubois, ICT Manager Optimco, OPTIMCO NV

"Thank you for your quick response in helping me solve the MAILTOOL issue. I appreciate it very much!" - Margaret, Spartan Insurance

"We have used SPLTOOL and MAILTOOL for well over a year to email order documents to our business partners. The applications are great, but even better is the service you provide. Recently, over a weekend, we upgraded our iSeries and had a challenge with the SMTP server configuration. We contacted Support on Sunday afternoon, and Brad promptly came to our rescue. We were up and running Monday morning with no interruption to our business. Thank you, Brad!" - Davida Kelley, Bartlett Bearing Company, Inc.

"We bought MAILTOOL five years ago and never looked back. Since then we’ve sent 247,000 emails with over 120,000 with attachments! Talk about BULLETPROOF! The only times we contacted BVSTools was to buy two other great software packages JOBWATCH and SPLTOOL Suite and when we upgraded machines." - Paul Scher, Manager of Programming Services, CONTEC, LLC

Great job! Our SMTP Process on the ISeries went south and the MAILTOOL Plus functionality was a lifesaver! - Michael Kenny, University of Windsor

MAILTOOL is a very great tool. I can use this to automate many applications. The tool is very simple to use, and most importantly, your support is instantaneous! - Chin Mongkol, Corporate Information Management Service, Inc.

I have used SPLTOOL and MAILTOOL for more than 6 years now. Originally, SPLTOOL replaced a 16 page “manual” of screen prints designed to assist users in downloading spooled files. SPLTOOL, alone, replaced the manual with a 5 second learning curve and a single keystroke. When I start working with a new consulting client, regardless of their experience level, the first thing I do is install SPLTOOL and teach them how to use it. I am an “evangelist” for BVS Tools and can’t imagine a more affordable, or more useful, solution. - Geoff Wiggs, Orcas Technologies, Inc

I just downloaded SPLTOOL, MAILTOOL, and OUTQTRG and love it! I've been looking at several other tools available and they don't even compare. These are straight forward, simple to install, easy to configure, easy to use, and a very small footprint. It looks like I will be able to implement these tools into our daily processing with ease. So far the testing has been very positive as I'm sure that it will continue to roll on with out hassle. Thank you.
Oh I didn't even mention the price is so affordable that I might even get a raise this year with all the money that I'm saving for us!!! - Rich Bateman, Core Support Manager, American Bank of Texas
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Great job! Our SMTP Process on the ISeries went south and the MAILTOOL Plus functionality was a lifesaver! - Michael Kenny, University of Windsor
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